The Scrum Checklist

Use These 9 ChecklistsTo Make Your Life Easier, Help Deliver Any Project On Time and Efficiently, And Get Great Results Even When You Are Busy On The Job.

Scrum is a simple method for completing any project.  Do you want a concise checklist to make your team(s) as productive as possible?  Not sure where to get a set of checklists or descriptions for all your meetings, rules and roles?  Download The Scrum Checklist today to transform your team or organisation even at the busiest of times.

In This Ebook, You'll Get:

  • 9 proven checklists with steps to run all meetings and advise all roles
  • a handy concise recap of scrum
  • scrum master, product owner and  development team checklist
  • kick off meeting checklist
  • product backlog estimation and grooming checklist
  • daily scrum, sprint planning, sprint review and retrospective checklists

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Make your life easier and accelerate  your way to  explosive scrum productivity today by downloading the  Scrum Checklist now!

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